Building for the Future

Give your web presence the edge!

The web has been standardised. Maximise your audience, minimise your bandwidth, optimise your search engine placement and future-proof your website. All thanks to the power of Web Standards.

Access for All

Are you reaching your potential audience?

  • Upto 20% of all web users suffer a disability.
  • Upto 30% of all web users browse with alternative mediums.
  • Accessibility is a requisite of the Disability and Discriminations Act.

We can help you create a full featured website without compromising accessibility. By implementing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and with rigorous pre-release testing, your website can reach the widest possible audience.

A Complete Solution

Once your web presence is established, become the driving force in the maintenance of your site with a fully customized Content Management System to fit your requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation, Website Hosting and Domain Name Management also form an integral part of our Business Solutions package.

And In The Beginning

Severn Solutions is fuelled by Tom Wright - standards advocate, CSS? designer, web programmer, database administrator, philosopher and ritualistic tidal bore surfer.

I believe the Web to be an excellent medium for information exchange in an environment of equal opportunity. Where this fails, the Web falls short.

You can follow Tom's promulgations and convolutions on TW Blog.

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The Severn Solutions website achieves the following standards:

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