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Here you can find a selection of the websites and projects I have worked on over the past 16 years. Most of the work is generally coding based with the designs provided either by clients or contractors. Nearly all sites that have been built over the past 3 years have been accompanied by Content Management which has been powered by either homegrown or the fully developed PHP solution.

One of the principle requisites of nearly all work has been a level of accessibility to allow the website to meet the recommendations of the DDA Code of Practice.

Areas of Expertise

Accessible Web Development
Over 10 years experience working with HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM, W3C TR's. Sound knowledge of WCAG 1.0 and the expectations laid down by the DDA in the UK for service providers. Active participation in accessibility discussion groups including the WAI mailing lists and GAWDS to stay abreast of latest techniques and standards.
PHP Application Development
Work with PHP and MySQL on a daily basis since 2002, and have extensive knowledge of the full development cycle. Have dabbled in numerous templating systems and libraries but specialise in home grown development with PEAR and object oriented design to produce extensible solutions that are readily adaptable to PHP5.
Advanced CSS Design
All hand coded page construction places emphasis on logical semantics and the separation of the presentation, structure and behaviour. A range of advanced CSS design techniques are used including: absolute positioning methods to generate logical structures; unobtrusive DHTML to introduce presentational structure that doesn't interfere with the semantics.

Further Information

Please peruse the archives of Tom Wright's Weblog for further insights into our areas of interest and expertise.

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