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¶ Major Technologies Implemented

XHTML 1.0 Strict, HTML 4.01 Strict, CSS2, PHP4, MySQL, DOM2, PEAR

¶ Accessibility Standards

WAI AA, Bobby AA

¶ Development Notes

The design for Bob Ferris' B-Fit website was provided and we set to realising this design in an accessible and usable set of templates that plug into several standard modules in the Content Management System.

With IE7's release looming when this site was close to live, it was one of our first sites to integrate the conditional comments techniques specific to Exploder for overriding standards compliant CSS rules with the usual set of IE hacks. Along with the usual rigorous testing across both Mac and Windows platforms this ensured the site rendered as close to the client's original design as possible on the broadest range of browsers.

Version 1.0, Released July 2006.

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