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¶ Development Notes

First released in Autumn 1997, this longstanding website evolved as the technologies have changed. Version 4 was released in August 2002 and was popular with both regular visitors and an ever increasing fan base. However the site was Flash dependent making the wealth of resources unavailable to a large number of visitors and the search engines.

At its peak the site averaged 130 visitors per day viewing approximately 600 pages between them - quite impressive for a sport that at the time had only 5 regular participants in the United Kingdom! The site was instrumental in the growth of the sport and the forging of an international community of bore surfers in France, Brazil, America and the UK.

In part the site was a pet project and hence finding time to moderate and progress the content and functionality became ever more difficult. By 2005, was the most informative and comprehensive source of information for the sport of bore surfing. However the popularity also led to a number of instances of copyright theft and abuse of the materials provided such that the decision was made to withdraw the site in November 2006.

At this time work is underway to reincarnate the archive of information that had previously been available. Watch this space…

Version 3.1, Released August 2002.
Created August 1997.

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