Meme Design

Screen captures from the Meme website showing the home page and Meme Quiz

¶ Major Technologies Implemented

XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS2, PHP4, MySQL, ECMA Script, DOM2, PEAR

¶ Accessibility Standards

WAI AA, Bobby AA

¶ Development Notes

As a design based firm, Meme designed their site themselves and just required it to be built with a content management system and optimised for future search engine placement.

The main challenge was meeting the design requirements without comprimising the document structure and a number of advanced CSS techniques were used to achieve this.

Version 1.0, Released April 2005.

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The Severn Solutions website achieves the following standards:

[ XHTML 1.0 ] [ CSS 2 ] [ WAI AA ] [ Bobby AA ]

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