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¶ Major Technologies Implemented

XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS2, PHP4, MySQL, JavaScript, DOM2, PEAR

¶ Accessibility Standards

WAI 508, WAI AA, Bobby AA

¶ Development Notes

This is a content-intensive site powered by a flexible backend Content Management System. To emphasise important content a simple brochureware design was used providing quick access to second level sub-sections of the hierarchy and the shop subdomain.

Advanced CSS sprites enhanced by on request DHTML provided the curved menu which was skinned over a structurally pure menu list. The visual design also makes use of negative margins to prevent the presentation from restricting the logical document flow.

Version 1.0, Released September 2004.
Created July 2004.

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The Severn Solutions website achieves the following standards:

[ XHTML 1.0 ] [ CSS 2 ] [ WAI AA ] [ Bobby AA ]

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