Still Stoked

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¶ Major Technologies Implemented

XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS2, PHP4, MySQL, JavaScript, PEAR

¶ Accessibility Standards

WAI 508, WAI AA, Bobby AA

¶ Development Notes

The Still Stoked site has been reworked to meet accessibility guidelines, and standardised to allow more efficient management of content.

The new site takes advantage of relative CSS to create a sliding effect based on CSS Zoom (utilised on the Severn Solutions site), allowing the entire page to be resized to the browser window. This effect is consistent across a wide range of standards based browsers and even the legacy Internet Explorer 5 family.

There is a broad range of materials available to the site from revisions over the past seven years. These are currently being reworked into XML to allow the data to be exchanged across a wide array of mediums.

Version 4.0, Released May 2004.
Created April 1997.

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