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¶ Objectives

Accessible and Standards Based Lightweight Content Management System Built From PHP and PEAR

¶ Major Technologies Implemented

XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS2, PHP4, MySQL, DOM2, PEAR

¶ Development Notes

The CMS extends a number of PEAR modules implementing data objects, caching and advanced session management. Site content is managed by simple modules and xml defined data schemas which are fed to universal drivers for display. This allows for rapid deployment of new content types and creates an extensible hierarchy.

The CMS is further enhanced with unobtrusive ECMAScript and advanced DOM manipulation using XMLHTTPRequest to provide the shortest path to the desired content.

The editor currently supports XHTML and BB_Code markup. All content is parsed for well-formedness and validated before updating the database.

The front end is managed through the PEAR::Cache_Lite package and compression allowing content to be served efficiently with minimal overhead on the server and backend database.

Utilises the following PEAR pacakges: DB_DataObject, HTTP_Session, Cache_Lite, HTML_Common, XML_Parser

Principle classes and packages: CMS_Manager, CMS_User, CMS_Session CMS_DB_Entity, CMS_DB_Dependencies CMS_Drivers_Form, CMS_Drivers_Images, CMS_Drivers_Table

Version 3.1β, Last Updated 05 Mar 05

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