Sergio Doubles the World Distance Surfing Record (Unofficial)

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Two years ago I touched on the incredible possibility of surfing the mighty Araguari Pororoca for 20km. Well our good buddy Sergio Laus has finally done just that. In fact he wasn't content to surf 12.5 miles and actually clocked up a mighty surfing distance of 14.37 miles (23km).

This supreme tidal bore surfing feat occurred last month on the Araguari Pororoca in Amapa state. Consistently the largest and most powerful of all tidal bores - despite some surf brands claims to differ. Riding a 5'6" four fin fish, Sergio surfed the wave for 70 minutes clocking up 23km. He described the monumental milestone as hard with a very bumpy wave peaking at roughly 2 metres. As well as breaking the 10 miles mark and the 20km mark Sergio has proved that distance surfing really is no longer the sole realm of the longboarder. Reckon his legs were aching a bit at the end of that!

This time the ride was unofficial but Sergio intends on returning next month to replicate the feat with official Guinness adjudicators.

The spring delivered some massive tidal bore waves. Check out reports and photos from the prophetic 2011 super moon, where Sergio was joined by Steve at Aventuras do Laus.

Posted on Sunday, May 08, 2011 at 10:15:00.

Surfing the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore in Sumatra

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Check out some great photos surfing the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore in Sumatra. Yep continues his year on year assault on the tidal bores of the world, this time taking along his brother Fabrice, fellow Qiantang most wanted, Patrick Audoy, and top professional longboarder, Eduardo Bage.

And wow… What a discovery they made! From the few reports of the Bono and a couple of photos riding the crest of the wave from 2005 I had never quite known what to expect from this tidal bore in Sumatra. The regional tidal range is just meso-tidal as with the bore's south China sea compatriots on the other side of the shelf in Sarawak, but 2011 has been a year of very large tide ranges with equilibrium tides at a high point. Throw into the mix the confluence of the west Australia and east India amphidromic systems funnelled down the Strait of Malacca and there was always possibility of something special in the Kampar river. It looks like the French led team caught a beauty.

I can't deny a small level or resentment at Yep's ongoing achievements in the world of tidal bore surfing, the Kampar Bono being one of a select few rivers on my world tour wish list - the seed for which I first planted when we converged on the Mascaret river back in 2001. In fact, along with a handful of other rivers, I had hoped the Kampar Bono would remain secret for a little while longer but in reality with the accessibility the internet brings to world geography that was unlikely to happen. And the cat was really out the bag in 2008 with the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore anyway! Still, I am especially stoked to see Fabrice join his brother this time and can only imagine the grin on his face assimilating this experience.

Wonder what surprises Yep will pull out next year. There are a few exciting discoveries still be made…

Posted on Saturday, Oct 02, 2010 at 08:40:17.

BT On-Line Billing Woes!

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Ok I hate to harp on about BT services but this is funny! My online billing has not worked ever since BT updated their software to some all signing, all dancing, all… not working new system. Well finally I am able to see my latest bill but have no idea what my previous two bills are since they are still not accessible.

So BT kindly send me a letter today stating that because of the technical problem with my online billing they are reverting me to paper billing. They then go on to say:

Because of the switch back to paper bills, you will temporarily lose your paper free discount

Great so I get charged for their technical issues. But, we forget how kind BT are…

But to offset it, and to say sorry for the trouble, we'll give you back £5 on your next bill

Well how nice! Let's hope they sort out my technical issue before the month is out…

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010 at 11:42:01.

BT Service Fails Again

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I am not one to grumble!? But what is it with BT and what use is online billing when you can't view your BT bills?

They have rolled out their new all singing/all dancing accounts software, informed me of the 50p price hike per month to benefit from all these swanky new features, fired off my latest BT bill notification and it DOESN' T WORK. Just keep getting error messages across the board and BT's customer response to this predicament is one of disinterest as always.

Invariably my bill will be wrong as it has been for the past two years. Full of complicated extras and misnomers that lead the buyer into confused meltdown and leave only the most hardy chasing up on those hidden erroneous charges. But by the time the system actually works and allows me to view the bill my money will probably already be steaming its way into BT's back pocket. Someone sort out this tyrannical free reign of oligarchic super powers that form the telecommunications industry… PLEASE!

Posted on Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 at 09:57:37.

Ruarri Joseph plays Princess Pavilion

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Local singer/songwriter Ruarri Joseph launches his new album Shoulder to the Wheel with a live performance at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth on June 11th. This guy has been round the mill a bit with since his last album but is back with some excellent uplifting funky folky songs. Sneak a preview on Ruarri's MySpace page.

One not to miss!

Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 08:15:38.

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