Firefox Rises From The Ashes

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Well it was once called Pheonix, but that feels like a distant ancestor of the newly released Firefox Browser this week. I decided to hold back the excitement a few days to let the server load ease off, and finally tried out Firefox yesterday.

Already much acclaim has been accredited to this, version 0.8 of the pre-release browser of the future, and I can only add further praise. The development team have clearly put a lot of preparation into this latest release, even down to the finer details like the slick new icons and advertising logos.

The benefits for development have already been raised on Stylish Scripting, suffice to say I am eternally grateful to finally see the DOM Inspector integral to the outfit.

For general browsing, the extensions just get better and better. A favourite of mine has always been the RSS Reader Panel, being very lightweight and quick and easy to get running. This is better than ever with a check for updates option, OPML import and export, stripping of HTML tags in the tooltip summary and the ability to load the feed in the content window with custom CSS. The RSS icon has even been dusted off to blend naturally with the other icons.

To be expected from a Mozilla based browser, Firefox has excellent support for Web Standards, and the inclusion of the Windows executable installer should make setup more accessible to the average user. I could probably ramble on indefinately about the finer features, but all I will say is if you are reading this blog and have not tried Firefox yet, you don't know what you are missing!

Posted on Thursday, Feb 12, 2004 at 21:28:03.

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