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One of my aims now the new site is up and running is to start writing some articles. I regularly find my blog entries become too drawn out, and ideally these would be better presented as short articles. As always, I am currently way too busy to really get underway with this. However, to get the ball rolling, I have posted a short article on creating DHTML content without compromising accessibility. It basically surmises the process I went through on a recent site development to create a manual image slideshow, hence allowing the maximum preservation of screen real estate.

I haven't found time to add a comments section following the article (which I do hope to do for all future articles, since discussion generally brings out further ideas and enhancements). However, feel free to post any remarks, criticisms, or errors for the article under this blog entry. I hope it is of use to those crossing the accessibility threashold.

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 25, 2004 at 23:04:08.

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