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It is always a pleasure [sarcasm] after installing new software to discover that it has scrambled the functioning of other regular programmes on my system. Earlier today I stumbled across the Style Studio CSS editor and decided to give it a quick try out, being on the look-out for a lightweight CSS auto-completion tool I could tie in with Ultra Edit (just to help out all those times the memory fades and I have to dive for a reference book to look up a property value). The features list promised a lot, perhaps too much for my requirements as I had previously found with TopStyle Pro and Style Master.

Unfortunately it didn't meet expectations being quite resource heavy and failing a number of times in graphical display. Well the delight came when I entered the Norton control panel to reset options and discovered the Windows Scripting engine was no longer working! (I suppose it is too much to ask software vendors to give an idea of how their software will mangle the operating system!)

Fortunately, I always use Install Watch Pro for new software installs from Windows executables, and so quickly opened it up to see what damage CSS had caused. While I was amused to see it had created over 50,000 new registry entries for the actual software itself, I was less pleased to see it had totally reconfigured the type library for the VB Script dynamic link library to point to an older version, installed to a subdirectory of the new software's root during installation! As it happened I only had to restore about 10 registry keys, but certainly without Install Watch Pro's clear snapshot of the preinstallation configuration I would not have know where to begin! I can't recommend this freeware software enough.

The outcome, two hours of the day gone and none the wiser!? As for CSS editor, I actually decided just to update TopStyleLite to version 3 on my system. This serves my main requirement, however it would be nice to find a tool that gives site reports similar to those produced in TopStyle Pro and Style Studio, without the added burden of a full blown CSS/HTML Editor.

Posted on Sunday, Feb 29, 2004 at 02:03:23.

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