DRC Report Arrives

Relates to Accessibility

The DRC formal investigation into web accessibility has released its findings today in this comprehensive report (PDF File, 406KB).

This report demonstrates that most websites are inaccessible to many disabled people and fail to satisfy even the most basic standards for accessibility recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium.


Organisations that offer goods and services on the Web already have a legal duty to make their sites accessible. It is clear from the investigation that these duties are not being fulfilled. The Commission's policy is to seek improvement in the first instance through advice and conciliation, and this report contains a range of recommendations to help website owners and developers tackle the barriers to inclusive design. However, where the response is inadequate, we shall be vigorous in the use of our enforcement powers; these range from namedparty Formal Investigations which can lead to sanctions against the owners of inaccessible websites, to the provision of support for test cases being brought by individual disabled people.

DRC Formal Investigation Report: Web Accessibility, Foreward vi.

The report raises some criticism of the overall ability of the WAI Guidelines and automated test suites for validating accessible sites and the WAI have posted a rebuttal to some potentially misleading analysis in the report.

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 14, 2004 at 15:12:42.

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