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Excellent! Live HTTP Headers is the penultimate extension update I have waited for to remove Firefox 0.8 from my desktop. A fantastic developer extension I simply can't do without when creating server side applications. The latest version has some great improvements including the ability to apply exclusion filters with regular expressions and to attach the panel to the sidebar to track headers with maximised windows.

Now I hold on for an update to the Link Toolbar, another essential tool I utilise to validate the dynamic generation of next and previous links without having to view the source.

The new extension manager, which has worked seamlessly on my Windows 98 platform, has swayed me into downloading and sampling considerably more extensions than when I was managing multiple user profiles to protect against compatibility issues. Tabbrowser Extensions was recently updated so I have can reclaim tab session memory management. I also find the Cookie Culler and Flat Bookmark Editing to be useful additions to the feature set. And lastly, for now, Jed Brown's BB Code extension is convenient for heavy forum posting - especially the clipboard features.

Posted on Saturday, Jul 10, 2004 at 17:38:55.

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