Hanging out in Sao Luis

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We are now sitting in a hotel in Sao Luis following over 30 hours of travelling and waiting at airports? Following some slight confusion at the airport Serginho finally showed up, and we also met Noelio and Junior, a couple of the Pororoca pioneers and heads of the Pororoca surfing associations, nationally and locally respectively.

Serg told us he resisted anouncing our arrival in Sao Luis to the media and local government since the first international bore riding convention would create considerable publicity. So hopefully we will be able to get on and surf the tides in relative peace?

The action kicks of on Thursday morning. This afternoon we will settle for a surf in a slightly blown out ocean, and some serious catch up on sleep deprivation from travel? Excitement continues to build.

Oh, and how stoked was I to discover this beachside hotel has Firefox :)

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 08, 2005 at 16:26:58.

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