Surfing the Mearim Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks holds the largest Pororoca on the Mearim river and had been observed at four metres by Glauco our ever comedic boat driver and tour guide. We scored it at around 2.5m. I found myself being the first of the Euro team to paddle into a spewing six foot wall of whitewater on our second day. It wasn't nice and joined by Steve we were forced to make an emergency bail out as the wave rolled swiftly towards the bank. The next morning we had a better idea of where the wave was going to peel, and by chance I found myself in the right spot. A bit of a chunky mixer but the largest river wave I have surfed to date? Surfing the Mearim Pororoca on the Outer Banks

Posted on Friday, Mar 25, 2005 at 20:55:16.

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