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At last, 14 days after delivery, my new toy - an iPod Touch - arrived on my doorstep. As always with Apple the packaging is meticulous although in not entirely clear as to why they include a couple of pieces of plastic (cheap dock!?) in the bundle. And the significant absentee was a comprehensive user guide - in fact other than the pictorial yet somewhat uninformative Quick Start guide and Important Product Information Guide, the user is left to locate and download the Features Guide from the Apple website.

Anyway, the hardware is pretty intuitive and once I had downloaded the 150MB software update and done an initial sync of movies, music and photos I was ready to give the Touch a quick test-drive. In general I was very impressed. My only gripes so far would be:

  1. The Accelerometer is not always reliable. Sometimes it is slow to respond and sometimes it didn't seem to want to respond at all
  2. Fingerprints!!! Oh yes, this little piece of technological beauty is going to get absolutely smothered in finger prints. Apple are good enough to provide a cloth to keep the worst off but I will certainly be investing in a scratch proof film pronto.
  3. Configuring wireless was no breeze!

And it is the last of these points I will discuss a little more here. In short I had no problems connecting to the wireless networks in my house but I could not initially get any response from a server! Safari was throwing up the Server Not Found error while YouTube and the Wireless iTunes Store could not be found. So I went and checked the settings for one of my wireless networks. (Settings > Wi-Fi Networks, then select the network by clicking the arrow on the right hand side next to the selection) Under the DHCP were two rows of gobbledegook! My wireless router is configured to provide lease details but this wasn't happening. So to fix the problem I had to do the following:

  1. Choose Static from the three option tabs
  2. Enter an IP address - for my network the range is -, and I choose being the next available IP in sequence on my network.
  3. Enter the subnet mask
  4. Enter the router, which in my case is
  5. And lastly and most important - enter the DNS IP numbers used by my router.

Now the first three values can be determined and retrieved by looking at the network settings on another computer on the network. For instance, I went into Network settings in the System Preferences on my iMac and chose the TCP/IP tab.

Example of retrieving network details from the Network preferences pane.

Obviously, I had to choose a different IP address to the one provided here. Normally this would be enough to statically configure connection to a wireless network. But when I visited Safari on the Touch it still could not find any servers! To see if the problem was related to resolution of DNS I tried visiting one of my own sites via IP number instead and this worked, confirming it was a problem locating the DNS servers. So to find these I had to go into the control panel for my router which in this case just so happens to be the infamous BT Home Hub. Anyone who has chosen to take the same unfortunate router route as me can check out this unofficial BT Home Hub FAQ on finding their way around the control panel at http://bthomehub on the local network. The information I was after is located in the .Internet Connection option under Status menu.

Retrieving the Primary and Secondary DNS for BT Home Hub

So, now it was just a case of entering the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS, separated by a comma in the DNS field. Once this was done I could at last access the world wide web and benefit from the Touch features.

I just hope this is not going to cause the Touch to come unstuck once I have signed up for Cloud access! I will report back on this one, along with a more detailed review once I have had a spare-time play.

I discovered this morning that the random IP address and subnet mask are the fault of the hub rather than the Touch itself as the very same problem occurred connecting my iBook. This doesn't surprise me since the Home Hub has been nothing but trouble from the day I received it. So I apologise for any suggestion that the Touch was at fault in this issue. All the same the above instructions may still be of use to people struggling to connect their iPod Touch to the internet with Server Not Found issues.

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007 at 15:13:50.

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