Where Have My WiFi Music Store Tunes Gone?

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Total respect to Apple's iTunes Store support team since in just less than 24 hours since I lost my song and posted this blog they have made the song available to me again via the Check for purchases in the Store menu. In hindsight I realise that allowing users the ability to download songs multiple times could affect the DRM of the files so perhaps it is right that download is one time only. Anyway, not many support teams that I have dealt with that are that efficient! Thankyou.

The iPod Touch is great. The iTunes WiFi music store is great. But do not reset your iPod Touch if you have manual syncing and have not manually transferred (is that even possible?) your purchases to your iTunes library!

Yes I have just kissed good bye to my first purchase from the iTunes WiFi store - fortunately only one song. My iTunes library is way too large to utilise automatic syncing with my iPod Touch (as I am sure is the case for most people). But with manual syncing set-up it would appear that any music purchased through the iTunes WiFi store on the iPod Touch is not transferred to the iTunes library automatically. I assume (and hope!) there is a way to drag and drop instead - I cannot try this since there is no way for me to reacquire the song I have lost from my iTunes account. So will have to buy some more music first.

Anyway this is an unfortunate flaw in the iPod Touch integration and will more than likely deter me from using the WiFi store for anything other than just listening to previews of new releases. After all it is just a simple one click Restore to again kiss good bye to all those purchases.

I also think it is wrong that I cannot download the songs I have purchased a second time. It is my account, no-one else has access to it, so how can this breach any legalities (other than affecting the download count at the store - a little bit of code perhaps). It is not often I am disgruntled with Apple but this sucks a little…

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 at 13:21:39.

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