iPod Touch Accelerometer Rotation Tips

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There are two things my friends want to do when I flash out my new iPod Touch: pinch zoom and spin that accelerometer into action. Both great features. Especially the latter when rotating into cover flow mode. But more often than not the accelerometer fails to respond to my demonstrations and we are left in expectation of what might happen as the accelermometer does not work.

I was starting to share the feeling of others on the web that this might be a repairable bug until I discovered last night that it is all down to the position I hold the iPod Touch. If the Touch is being held vertically (at right angles to the ground) the accelerometer seems to be flawless in its performance. The problem only arises when the Touch is held horizontal (parallel to the ground) - I assume because the detection mechanism does not work in this plane. Seems to resolve any issues and while I generally prefer to hold it fairly flat in my hand I will be prepared next time a friend asks to see my iPod Touch.

Posted on Saturday, Nov 10, 2007 at 10:27:50.

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