Pororoca Circuit 2010 - Rio Maranhao

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The last full moon heralded the Mearim stage of the 2010 Pororoca Circuit with local surfer Álvaro Bacana taking the trophy on the Maranhao Pororoca.

Once the home of exploration and the location of the inaugural meeting of the international bore riders community it is nice to see Arari become part of the national circuit and I hope the people of an otherwise impoverished village have benefited well from the presence of the surfers and media. Nice to see a few of the old regular faces in these photos from the Mearim event.

Meanwhile, Sergio has been holed up in the Amazon jungle capturing the Pororoca for film and reel. Watch out for a slew of videos to be released later in the year from an extraordinary season on the Araguari Pororoca.

Posted on Monday, May 10, 2010 at 06:38:00.

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