BT On-Line Billing Woes!

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Ok I hate to harp on about BT services but this is funny! My online billing has not worked ever since BT updated their software to some all signing, all dancing, all… not working new system. Well finally I am able to see my latest bill but have no idea what my previous two bills are since they are still not accessible.

So BT kindly send me a letter today stating that because of the technical problem with my online billing they are reverting me to paper billing. They then go on to say:

Because of the switch back to paper bills, you will temporarily lose your paper free discount

Great so I get charged for their technical issues. But, we forget how kind BT are…

But to offset it, and to say sorry for the trouble, we'll give you back £5 on your next bill

Well how nice! Let's hope they sort out my technical issue before the month is out…

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 15, 2010 at 11:42:01.

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