Surfing the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore in Sumatra

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Check out some great photos surfing the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore in Sumatra. Yep continues his year on year assault on the tidal bores of the world, this time taking along his brother Fabrice, fellow Qiantang most wanted, Patrick Audoy, and top professional longboarder, Eduardo Bage.

And wow… What a discovery they made! From the few reports of the Bono and a couple of photos riding the crest of the wave from 2005 I had never quite known what to expect from this tidal bore in Sumatra. The regional tidal range is just meso-tidal as with the bore's south China sea compatriots on the other side of the shelf in Sarawak, but 2011 has been a year of very large tide ranges with equilibrium tides at a high point. Throw into the mix the confluence of the west Australia and east India amphidromic systems funnelled down the Strait of Malacca and there was always possibility of something special in the Kampar river. It looks like the French led team caught a beauty.

I can't deny a small level or resentment at Yep's ongoing achievements in the world of tidal bore surfing, the Kampar Bono being one of a select few rivers on my world tour wish list - the seed for which I first planted when we converged on the Mascaret river back in 2001. In fact, along with a handful of other rivers, I had hoped the Kampar Bono would remain secret for a little while longer but in reality with the accessibility the internet brings to world geography that was unlikely to happen. And the cat was really out the bag in 2008 with the Kampar Bono Tidal Bore anyway! Still, I am especially stoked to see Fabrice join his brother this time and can only imagine the grin on his face assimilating this experience.

Wonder what surprises Yep will pull out next year. There are a few exciting discoveries still be made…

Posted on Saturday, Oct 02, 2010 at 08:40:17.

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