Sergio Doubles the World Distance Surfing Record (Unofficial)

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Two years ago I touched on the incredible possibility of surfing the mighty Araguari Pororoca for 20km. Well our good buddy Sergio Laus has finally done just that. In fact he wasn't content to surf 12.5 miles and actually clocked up a mighty surfing distance of 14.37 miles (23km).

This supreme tidal bore surfing feat occurred last month on the Araguari Pororoca in Amapa state. Consistently the largest and most powerful of all tidal bores - despite some surf brands claims to differ. Riding a 5'6" four fin fish, Sergio surfed the wave for 70 minutes clocking up 23km. He described the monumental milestone as hard with a very bumpy wave peaking at roughly 2 metres. As well as breaking the 10 miles mark and the 20km mark Sergio has proved that distance surfing really is no longer the sole realm of the longboarder. Reckon his legs were aching a bit at the end of that!

This time the ride was unofficial but Sergio intends on returning next month to replicate the feat with official Guinness adjudicators.

The spring delivered some massive tidal bore waves. Check out reports and photos from the prophetic 2011 super moon, where Sergio was joined by Steve at Aventuras do Laus.

Posted on Sunday, May 08, 2011 at 10:15:00.

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